Presented by OLG

Miguel de Armas & The Ottawa Latin Jazz Orchestra

Sun, Jun 23, 2024
Main Stage
Confederation Park

Tyler Harris - flute + alto & soprano sax
Petr Cancura - tenor sax
David Renaud - flute + baritone sax
Mark Ferguson - trombone
Steve Berndt - trombone
Ed Lister - trumpet
Nick Dyson - trumpet
Marc Decho - bass
Diomer González - bongos
Arien Villegas - congas
Michel Medrano Brindis - drums
Miguel de Armas - piano, compositions, arrangements and bandleader

The Ottawa Latin Jazz Orchestra (OLJO) emerged amidst the challenges of the pandemic, infusing their music with the vibrant essence of both a grand orchestra and the rich tapestry of Latin culture. Led by the talented Cuban pianist Miguel de Armas, OLJO showcases the unparalleled skill of the region's finest musicians, blending original compositions with a captivating fusion of Cuban traditional melodies, jazz improvisation, and infectious Afro rhythms.

Born from a collaboration between Cuban diaspora artists and Canadian-born talents, OLJO pays homage to the Afro-Cuban jazz legacy while pioneering a sustainable platform for its evolution. By uniting diverse voices and perspectives, OLJO not only celebrates the past but also shapes the future of this dynamic musical genre in the heart of the National Capital region.