Rachel Beausoleil

Thu, Jun 29, 2023
12:00 PM
Marion Dewar Plaza OLG Stage


Rachel Beausoleil – vocal cords
Evandro Gracelli – guitar
James McGowan – piano
Normand Glaude – bass
Jasmin Lalande - woodwinds

Rachel Beausoleil is a multi-lingual Canadian jazz fusion artist, and award-nominated producer. Tony Frankel ( says “her vocals are so endearing, enchanting, and entrancing.” Born and raised in Montreal, she has been based in Ottawa her whole adult life and has been performing since the early 1990s.

Rachel’s most recent recording, Sol da Capital (2022) is her first full album of original songs, in collaboration with Brazilian guitarist-composer Evandro Gracelli. Her 2020 album, Brazz is a collection of songs from the Brazilian popular song canon. It capped off her doctoral studies on that very topic. Her discography includes jazz albums The Dawning (2009), and Close to My Heart (2001).

Rachel’s projects on Brazilian music, have prompted her to reach for her own national and linguistic roots as a French Canadian. This show features Evandro Gracelli on guitar, and some of the pair’s new compositions en français!