Sat, Jun 24, 2023
7:30 PM
Marion Dewar Plaza OLG Stage

Tuval Haim - drummer/band manager
Shevach Samuel - sax tenor
Nevo Castiel - electric guitar
Gilad Fried - bass guitar
Gabriel Paquin-Buki - clarinet

Pulkes is a Balkan-Klezmer band that was formed in 2018 within the walls of the city of Jerusalem. The band has already performed in a variety of festivals around the country and around the world: InDNegev, Expo 2020-Dubai, Tower of David, collaboration show with “Quarter to Africa”, festivals tour in Canada and more.

The band's musical show takes listeners on an intoxicating Balkan journey, covering a diversity of genres from Afrobeats to Eastern European melodies. The rhythm and groove of 'Pulkes' do not let any buttocks stay on the chair!

The band is made out of seven musicians, a virtuosic brass section and a powerful Rhythm Section, that will shake every stage.

These days, while touring all over Israel, the band is also releasing their first EP, recorded in March 2022, and produced by Gergely Barca (Beshodrom). The first single “Rosmarinus” got over 100,000 views in the first week. The band keeps growing their followers while making a lot of interest in the Israeli music scene.